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Open Records Requests
Information concerning the Texas Public Information Act may be found at the Texas Attorney General’s Open Government Section.The only legal requirement to submit an open records request is that it must be in writing. We have posted an online form for your convenience that can be filled out, and then emailed or faxed to us. Or, you can simply submit an email, stating what record(s) you seek; please be as specific as possible in describing what you need:

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE FILING A REQUEST:If you’re looking for Court Records (Divorce, Civil, Criminal, Felony, Misdemeanor or Traffic Tickets) or Police Records (Arrest reports, 911 calls, Jail Bookings, Traffic Accidents), please see the information and links below. Our office does not have access to these records. You must go to the sources listed below.

If you are seeking Court Records: Judicial records of all types are typically open records, but do not fall under the guidelines of the Texas Public Information Act. They are maintained and protected exclusively by the District Clerk (for district court cases), the County Clerk (for County Court at Law cases) and the Justices of the Peace (for small claims, evictions, traffic cases, etc.) Judicial records must be requested and obtained from the clerks of these courts, not this office. 

Police/Arrest Records must also be requested from the law enforcement agency that generated the report. For example, reports by Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputies should be requested from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department; the same goes for records and reports created by Marshall, Hallsville, or Waskom police departments.

If you need further assistance contact

  • Email: Charlene Graff
  • Fax: 903-935-4853
  • Persons with additional questions may call our office at 903-935-8401.