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Harrison County Environmental Health
3800 Five Notch Rd
Marshall, TX 75672
Office: 903-938-8339
Fax: 903-938-0969

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Environmental Complaints

Environmental Health also investigates all complaints for sewage/greywater surfacing, bad odor, illegal septic/aerobic system installs (installs without a permit and an authorization to construct), etc. If you or someone you know has need to file such a complaint, just call our office. All names of complainants are kept confidential and anonymous.

In order to file an official complaint you will need to supply your name and contact number (your name will not be supplied to any other source. This is simply required for our records.), description of the nuisance, best directions to the site of offence, and, if available, the name and/or address of the site were the offence was located. We will then send out an Environmental Investigator to evaluate the situation.

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