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Harrison County Elections Office, P.O. Box 8409,  Marshall, TX 75671
Office – 903-935-4822; Fax – 903-938-1509

Physical Location:  415 East Burleson Street at the corner of Alamo Blvd in Marshall

Mike McMurry – Elections Administrator (mikem@co.harrison.tx.us)
Kathy Duskey – Deputy Clerk (kathyd@co.harrison.tx.us)
Cynthia Caswell – Deputy Clerk (cynthiac@co.harrison.tx.us)
Submit Applications for Ballot By Mail (ABBM) & Federal Post Card Applications (FPCA) via email:  ballotbymail@co.harrison.tx.us

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Texas Ethics Commission

Candidates and Officeholders
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Forms, Instructions and Filing Guides
Contribution and Expenditure Limits
2017 Population Certification for Judicial Offices

Campaign Finance Reports
US Representative, District 1 – Louie Gohmert (Officeholder)
State Senator, District 1 – Bryan Hughes (Officeholder)
State Representative, District 9 – Chris Paddie (Officeholder); Garrett Boersma (CTA Filed)
State Board of Education, District 9 – Keven Ellis (Officeholder)
District Judge, 71st Judicial District - Brad Morin (Officeholder)

Campaign Treasurer Appointment by Candidate
County Judge – Hugh Taylor (Officeholder); Chad Sims (CTA Filed)

County Commissioner 1 – William Hatfield (Officeholder)
County Commissioner 2 – Zephaniah Timmins (Officeholder); Robert Johnson III (CTA Filed); Candance Pierce (CTA Filed)
County Commissioner 3 – Phillip Mauldin (Officeholder)
County Commissioner 4 – Jay Ebarb (Officeholder)

Constable 1 – John Hickey, Jr (Officeholder)
Constable 2 – Brant Moore (Officeholder)
Constable 3 – Jim Weatherall (Officeholder)
Constable 4 – Darryl Griffin (Officeholder)

County Clerk – Patsy Cox (Officeholder); Pamela Brock (CTA Filed); Liz Whipkey (CTA Filed)

County Court-At-Law Judge – Joe Black (Officeholder); Christopher T. MacLarty (CTA Filed)

County Treasurer – Jamie Noland (Officeholder); Sherry Rushing (CTA Filed); Lenora Waldon Reed (CTA Filed)

District Attorney – Coke Solomon (Officeholder); Reid McCain (CTA Filed)

District Clerk – Sherry Griffis (Officeholder)

Justice of the Peace 1 – Megan Pinson (Officeholder)
Justice of the Peace 2 – Clarice Watkins (Officeholder)
Justice of the Peace 3 – Mike Smith (Officeholder)
Justice of the Peace 4 – Nancy George (Officeholder)

Sheriff – Tom McCool (Officeholder)

Tax Assessor-Collector – Veronica King (Officeholder)