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Harrison County Broadband Initiative

Harrison County begins its efforts in the development of our county broadband plan which will incorporated into the East Texas Regional Plan.

The Harrison County Broadband Kickoff is scheduled for July 9, 2014 at 9:30 at the Historical Harrison County Courthouse.  The entire county is invited and encouraged to attend the kickoff to help develop and complete our broadband initiative for Harrison County.

With the guidance of Connected Texas, our communities will join to become a planning team to generate a locally endorsed blueprint what will guide our efforts to accelereate the availability and use of technology.  This program will be the foundation of a more robust business environment, more effective community and economic development, improved healthcare, increased educational opportunities, and more efficient government.

The Kickoff meeting will not only inform our local governments, local businesses, schools, and residents of our efforts but also be a first step workshop to gather critical information about our internet needs in Harrison County.  In order to ensure the success of the project, we ask that you join us and share information on your personal and business needs for internet services in rural areas.